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Our Country

Posted on 7/3/2012 by David Poindexter in Personal Note From AB Our Country; Patriotism; Anthem for the USA;

Wow! I can't believe it has been nearly four years since I started writing "Our Country"! Here it is the day before the 4th of July, Independence Day, and I FINALLY have this song completed! It feels like a God thing to me. The fact that this country is so divided. Maybe my song can be used to motivate EVERYONE that actually loves this country, our storied history, our Constitution, God and Country, and our FREEDOM! I want this song to spread like wildfire and to creep into every living room, every car, every patriotic celebration, every set of earphones as people move about their lives in America. That's my dream! I can imagine a day when everyone is walking down the street listening from their iPods/iPhones, Androids, whatever! No one knows you are listening, but as you do listen, you look around you at the other people passing by and somehow my song makes you see the world in a different way! A way that excites and empowers you; a way that motivates you and makes you proud of the great country we live in! That's my dream for this song!

I will definitely be giving this song away right here on this website.  The song will be available for free until the Olympics end.  This is my way of making a small difference for our country, a way for me to salute the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the freedom of others in distant lands!  This is my way to pay tribute to our founding fathers, those who have sacrificed greatly to expand freedom in their own ways – Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, you can use your own imagination to think of your own heroes!  That's what this song does, it pays tribute to all that is great about the USA.  It also pays tribute to each of us that make up the essence of this country!  The channel to the Chorus says this:

We must hope
We must dream
And be all we can be
We must live and believe
Always fight to be free
United as one
For the whole world to see!

This to me says it all - who we are and who we all can be!  This is a clear choice to STRIVE, to ACHIEVE, to DECIDE TO BE GREAT – not just as people, but as a nation!

I hope that each of you will invite EVERYONE you know to come and download this song, to leave comments on the site about the goodness of our country and what OUR COUNTRY means to each of you!  I don't have a million dollar machine behind me pumping out radio single after radio single, I only have a song and you!  You are the only machine that can get behind this song with me.  Please become that machine and get this song to everyone you know, become an American Machine!  Request it on all of your favorite radio stations.  Tell my story about the song and create your own stories about the song.  This means more to me than being famous!  I spent a lot of my own money to record and produce this song, so my hope is that it does not go to waste, that it becomes a perpetual battle cry for all who live and breathe the RED, WHITE AND BLUE!  I need you to make that happen!  So, please join me and help me spread this song from sea-to-shining-sea so that everyone has a chance to hear it.

I know some people won't like it, I learned a long time ago that you cannot please everyone ;) and I don't try to, but I think everyone will hear my heart in this song and my passion about OUR COUNTRY!  So, Download "Our Country" Now for FREE!  God bless you and God Bless The USA!

Staying TRUE,


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