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Children's Dream Racers

Posted on 6/24/2012 by David Poindexter in Children's Dream Racers Children Hospitals Bigger Heart

This past Saturday, I helped good friend Mark Smith (Smitty), reveal his latest Children's Dream Racer at the University Hilton. He had called a few days before to ask if I could help reveal the mini racer with him! What a privilege to have such a well known NASCAR car builder, who just recently met me, ask ME to help him reveal this great car for Jeff Gordon's Cildren's Hospital. I know I have done a lot of work with kids since I first got into music, but still, this was his event and he wanted me there. So, I changed my schedule around and went! I was so glad I did! The company that paid for the mini race car was RESTART Your Life. They want to put one in hospitals all over the country, so they definitely have the right mindset to make a difference. When I got up on stage, they handed the mic to Smitty who said a couple of words and then handed me the mic. I had about five minutes to fill, so I did what I know best, I inspired! This isn't about me, it's about a wonderful thing this company did and Smitty's wonderful work to make a difference for kids! I could have gone on and on about how special this little car is for kids in hospitals.

Smitty connected with me on Linked-In and immediately asked if I would be a spokesperson for his company. I looked at his site and a video that ESPN did about one of his cars, and I was sold. I didn't have to think twice. It feels really good when people seek you out like that! I didn't realize that my reputation really is one of giving and caring – the country singer with the BIGGER Heart! It feels good that my good deeds get noticed by people I have never met. It makes me want to do more and more good works! What really stands out to me as go along on this journey, is that little things really do make a difference. In this case, I spent five minutes talking on behalf of Children's Dream Racer, but the impact and the people I connected with, are truly priceless moments. It is so easy to make a difference, everyone should try it. Just so everyone knows, I don't get paid to sing or help at hospitals, Ronald McDonald houses or Children's Dream Racers – I do this out of my pocket, because it feels so good doing these things.

I hope you will take a look at the Chidren's Dream Racer Website and support them. If you are an executive, a philanthropist or just have this deep seated desire to HELP OTHERS – help get one, two or three of these cars in your local Children's Hospital! It will impact kids EVERY day of the year, every year that it's in that hospital! Also, get involved in your communities, you never know how BIG of a difference that a little of your time can make. Bigger Hearts in all of us really do matter!

I will be posting on things just like this whenever they happen, so please keep checking back and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS for everyone, including me, to read!

Staying TRUE,


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