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"Autobots, Transform and ROLL OUT!"

Posted on 7/29/2012 by David Poindexter in Our Country; Peter Cullen Optimus Prime

I emailed acting legend and friend Peter Cullen (GOOGLE him), he's the VOICE of the Transformer Movies! Optimus Prime! I wanted him to hear my new song "Our Country". I have gotten to know Peter since our work on the final Space Shuttle Launch last year. I met him as they were premiering the Transformer movie (Dark Side of the Moon) at Kennedy Space Center. I was introduced to him in the green room at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) – he was eating lunch with NASA officials and they asked me to sing "When You Fly" to him. So, Lisa and I went in and performed it without music. I am pretty sure when we were done everyone had some tears in their eyes. He stood up and applauded. Since then, NASA thought it would be good to team me up with Peter to work on the NASA Optimus Prime Spin-off Awards. So, this past April, I was back at KSC to perform for the Opimus Prime Award Ceremony! Peter and I got to have dinner the next couple of nights with the NASA team in Florida. He was a riot! Each time he talked, I could swear he was someone else. He has so many voices. Optimus Prime being the BIGGEST voice! This guy is awesomely funny, you can tell why he is a star in every sense of the word. He is also one of the most humble men I have had the pleasure to meet. He is completely about helping the youth of this country and he wants so bad to make a difference in the lives of our future adults.

I have a similar desire, though my work has been primarily with kids in Children's Hospitals. I started doing that work when I first got into music and it quickly grew into an uplifting adventure for me with my Bigger Heart work. I love to help, but to be honest these kids always made me feel way better than I could ever make them feel. I think it is their inherent belief in overcoming challenges and not dwelling on the bad in their situations. Peter feels the same way – youth striving for something, like in the Optimus Prime Awards, it is awesome to see and be a part of. Peter Cullen loves to see people striving to be adventurous! NASA to me is about adventure! Adventure like in the days when explorers were going out surveying this great country we live in. NASA puts us in position to see things that no one has ever seen and to visit places our ancestors may have never thought possible! Peter and I both have a passion for our space program and that makes helping great causes like Optimus Prime really easy to get involved with!

A little bit about Peter and the voice behind Optimus Prime. Peter had a brother, a military vet, who he greatly looked up to. Right after the final Space Shuttle launch, Peter went to Arlington Memorial Cemetery to have his Brother interred there. It was a huge deal for Peter. His brother's voice is the inspiration for Optimus Prime. It is really cool to know that. Now when I watch a Transformer movie or even the Transformer cartoon on Hub network – there is that voice! Symbolic of all Peter's brother stood for to Peter (and many others I am sure).

So, I sent Peter the song, "Our Country", to see what he thought. He then wrote me back to say this:

"Thank you Ansel not only for your heartfelt passion in all you do, but also for the positive energy that bursts out to touch mankind. I am lucky to know you in person, and for those who have not had that pleasure yet, rest assured, for you will meet him in every word or phrase he sings. You will know his heart, his love of Country and his fellow man. Perhaps the greatest gift is the gift of inspiration. Thanks for it Ansel. Your friend, Peter Cullen "

As I read it, I got a lump in my throat. I pride myself on having a big heart, but this guy has the biggest! He truly humbled me. I am blessed to be in such company and to have a friend like this. Everyone should be a Peter Cullen fan! He truly ROCKS!

Staying TRUE,


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