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AB's"When You Fly" Makes History!

Posted on 10/19/2011 by David Poindexter in NASA Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle When You Fly Women in Aviation Special Edition We Made History!

NASA's Space Shuttle Program came to a historic end this past July. What a program it was! No other Space Program has had such an expansive impact on the US and the world quite like the Space Shuttle Program. Ansel Brown was a part of it all. From the launch and the landing to the Space Shuttle Program Celebration, Ansel and his song were along for the ride. No other artist, no other song made such an impact as "When You Fly". His wife and co-writer Lisa also contributed on stage by performing the song in Sign Language for the thousands of people gathered for the Space Shuttle festivities. It was one to remember and kicked off this heartfelt balled in rocketing fashion! Visit AB's YouTube page to see the videos related to the Space Shuttle events...

As NASA's Space Shuttle Program occupied much of AB's time, the aviation community was catching wind of the song too.  Ansel performed it at the Annual Women In Aviation Breakfast at this year's Air Venture in Oshkosh, WI - the largest air show in the world!  Soon articles were abound singing the praises of such a pure and meaningful aviation themed song written in part by an aviator and inspired by an aviation family.  The song is now being sold by Women in Aviation to its membership on a commemorative Women in Aviation Theme!  Check it out and get yours today!  Special Edition WAI When You Fly CD!


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