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Posted on 7/27/2012 by David Poindexter in Our Country; Joseph Kurt Charleston SC South Carolina Radio Talk Show

Radio Talk Show Host Joseph Kurt from 94.3 WSC in Charleston, SC heard "Our Country" and decided to do a whole show around the song! This guy understands FREEDOM and God & Country and what that means for this great nation. So I am thrilled that he will be debuting the song. But more than that, this guy is going to play a verse from the song at the beginning of each segment and then spend that segment talking about related things to that verse! Then by the end of the broadcast he will play the song in its entirety! AWESOME way to debut my song.

We've all heard good patriotic songs and a lot of cheesy patriotic songs. It's really hard to write a good patriotic song, kind of like how hard it is to write a College Football Team's song! It is just hard to write! I spent four years really thinking about this song and the message. I really wanted anyone to listen to this song and just KNOW that this is about this great country we live in. I didn't want to mention the US or America or USA during the meat of the song. Instead, the song needed to say traits of our country, the things that made her great! Our men and women who go into battle and how they go into battle for the cause of FREEDOM. You may not agree with war, you may HATE war, but these men and women don't go into war for some political agenda or for some conspiracy! They go into war because they BELIEVE in fighting for OUR FREEDOM and the FREEDOM of others! They fight for liberty! So, I wanted to start my song by mentioning that. Then I wanted to talk about the heroes and how we as a country lift up our heroes and hold them close. Like our founding Fathers, Martin Luther King, JFK, Lincoln, Military Veterans, on and on… So I sing about that and of course the foundation that this country was formed on – The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. I have to admit the part that leads into the chorus is really important to me- "We must hope, we must dream, and be all we can be, we must live and believe, always fight to be free, united as one for the whole world to see". I love that it is inherent for us as a country to strive and dream and do things that are great! That is what made our country great. Striving to be the best at everything we do, not out of conceit but out of a pride in never giving up and trying our hardest no matter what the obstacles. Overcoming the greatest of odds, being the underdog and over achieving! That is the greatness of our country! It is a blessing that people from all over the world have made up the country we live in – so it stands to reason, that our greatness is the world's greatness shining through the freedom of this great nation. We are truly a melting pot. This gets me into the next verse where I talk about the great diversity of our country. Yeah we have a history that some folks don't always agree on, but I love the fact that we are diverse. I also talk about "each man's ambition"! Ambition, in my opinion, is worth being rewarded. We shouldn't pay a higher price for being ambitious, fearless and driven if it is done honestly! These people are the engine for our economy. I know we have political disagreements, but come on, I have met plenty of people struggling financially in life. I see them striving and persevering, then eventually they get out of the rut and succeed. I have been a "starving artist", I get rejected almost daily! If, tomorrow, I have a couple of number one hits, and write some hits for others and I am swimming in money, guess what? I took the chance, I sacrificed, I struggled, I paid the price to be in the game! I shouldn't be punished for that "ambition", no one should. Sorry, I digress… Moving on in the song we get to the bridge where I wanted to bring in the Flag, Freedom, In God We Trust and From Sea to Shining Sea – that all means so much to me visually and spiritually. I feel like I laid this in perfectly to capture the emotion of why I am singing this song. In the choruses – I say the lines that really encapsulate everything about the song and what I think a lot of normal people are feeling – THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! It is the People's Country! Not the politician's country, not the Government's country – the PEOPLE! Black, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, normal people just like you and me. So, I wanted to emphasize that in my song. If you notice, when I finish the song I say, "This is our Country" pretty strongly, because it is a hugely meaningful statement of the song. Finally, the ONLY time I say USA is at the very end. "I thank God everyday, for the USA". A fitting way to end my song. I don't care if you are Republican, Democratic, Libertarian or Independent – the truth is that this song is for all. Hopefully, it will help unite us just a little bit. That's my One Wish (pardon the pun, yes that's another song I wrote), but it really is my wish. Yes, America is a blending of religions, principles, ideals, interests, and a lot of HEART! Take that from this song. America is GREAT and we should always strive for continued greatness and not mediocrity. I hope this lights a fire in you to stand up for our country and all she stands for from the founding principles that have led us to greater freedom over time as we evolved as a society. The core of the foundation remains intact and must remain intact for us to maintain what we have built. That is what I stand for, that is what this song stands for to me.

Thanks to Joseph Kurt, we can all listen in on Saturdays to hear what his thoughts are about our country. It was great of him to hold my song up for his listeners and really use it as a way to reflect on the good things about our country! That is what I love about ART and MUSIC – INTERPRETATION! I think you now know my interpretation now. We would love to hear your own interpretation on the Our Country web page! ;)

Staying TRUE,


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