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Our Country

Our Country

Ansel Brown writes a true battle cry for our nation during a time of great division. May this song serve to motivate EVERYONE that actually loves this country, our storied history, our Constitution, God and Country, and our FREEDOM!

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World Of Outlaws: Official Theme Song

World Of Outlaws:  Official Theme Song

World Of Outlaws selects Ansel Brown song as their Official Theme Song.

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Rocket 21 & NASA:  Songwriting Contest

Rocket 21, Ansel Brown & NASA collaborate on national songwriting contest for youth in conjunction with the Optimus Prime Spinoff Awards.

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NASA:  Optimus Prime Spinoff Awards

Ansel partnered up with the NASA Optimus Prime Spinoff Awards at Kennedy Space Center and rocked the place LIVE on NASA TV!  Later, he was awarded a nice Optimus Prime keepsake with Peter Cullen (The voice of Optimus Prime of Transformers) and other great partners.

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EAA:  Oshkosh

Ansel attended the largest Air Show in the world, Oshkosh.  He sang at the annual Women in Aviation breakfast, hung out with an Astronaut, interviewed on radio and got to meet some very famous female pilots of the WASPS!

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NASA:  Space Shuttle Program Farewell Ceremony

Talk about emotional!  You might call this a "hat-trick" as Ansel was invited for the third and final major Space Shuttle event at Kennedy Space Center for the "We Made History" Farewell to the Space Shuttle Celebration.  This was an emotional roller coaster as Ansel had to speak following NASA Administrator Bolden to nearly 10,000 Space Shuttle Program employees and families, many having their jobs eliminated buy the ending of the shuttle program.  Ansel later sang to the crowd in an inspiring performance to video of the Space Shuttle history - talk about a tear-jerk-er!

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NASA:  Final Space Shuttle Launch

Ansel was invited to perform his inspiring song, "When You Fly" for the final Space Shuttle Launch for STS-135 (Space Shuttle Atlantis).  The trip was filled with moments of a lifetime. The time included: the performance in front of thousands, up close with the Atlantis, watching the launch up close and a unprecedented tour of the Space Shuttle Endeavor!

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World Of Outlaws:  Outcast Kustoms

Ansel makes a national TV appearance on Outcast Kustoms (a Discovery Velocity Channel original), where the new World Of Outlaws theme song is revealed.

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Women In Aviation International

Ansel made a trip to the Annual Women in Aviation International Conference in Dallas, TX where he wowed the crowd of nearly 3,000 people at the annual luncheon.  His wife Lisa was mesmerizing as usual as she performed the song in sign-language.

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EAA:  Video

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) visited Ansel and his pilot-centric family at a Fayetteville, Arkansas airport to get the scoop behind Ansel's inspiring song, "When You Fly".  Find out why this song was written before it was selected for all of the final Space Shuttle events.  WARNING: This is an emotional subject for Ansel.


NASA:  Final Space Shuttle Landing

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex invited Ansel to come back to Cape Canaveral for the final Space Shuttle Landing!  It was exciting!  The Visitor Complex invited the famous Cledus T. Judd to interview Ansel on radio at the landing site just before the Atlantis made its historic landing.

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