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What Others Are Saying...

Ansel Brown brings passion, energy and commitment to every performance.  His love of music coupled with love for our nation brings a true patriot to any stage.  A rising star that everyone will enjoy.

John Falkenbury, President, USO of North Carolina


The citizens of the Elizabeth City, NC area were blessed to have Ansel Brown and his amazing musicians perform at our chamber's 3rd annual USO of NC concert celebrating USCG Week last week.  Over one thousand people attended the special event to honor our local military.  The band put on an amazing show and the community welcomed and embraced each of the musicians.  The music played was just the right amount of a country/rock/light rock to appeal to all ages and music lovers.  I would highly recommend these very friendly, down-to-earth, and talented musicians to any town seeking some special entertainment!  We can't wait to see them back in our town!

Kelly Thorsby, President, Elizabeth City Area Chamber of Commerce


Thank you Ansel not only for your heartfelt passion in all you do, but also for the positive energy that bursts out to touch mankind. I am lucky to know you in person, and for those who have not had that pleasure yet, rest assured, for you will meet him in every word or phrase he sings. You will know his heart, his love of Country and his fellow man. Perhaps the greatest gift is the gift of inspiration. Thanks for it Ansel. Your friend,..."

Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime - Transformers


What Ansel has done with this song is successfully capture the raw American Spirit of some of our favorites, and couple it with that essential soul of country music which makes us tap our feet and sing along. This song will stay with you long after you are done listening, and that is a very good thing. This is a modern classic! Well done, Ansel!

Joseph Kurt, Conservative Talk Show Host, 94.3WSC-FM Charleston, SC


At certain times in everyone's life, their inner fire goes out but a simple encounter with another human being can cause it to ignite once again. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle our inner spirit. (inspired by a comment from Albert Schweitzer) You (Ansel) are one of those people.

Cheryl Harvey Hill, Music Reviewer,


Ansel Brown has all the gifts necessary for success in country music. His charitable work with children in his native North Carolina is his passion. He is a favorite of the the NFL's Carolina Panthers who have tapped him to write, sing and perform for an upcoming football music video. His myspace and web sites are a hotbed of activity with over 200,000 downloads of four songs in just over six months! The excitement surrounding his first single, Mine's Bigger! produced by award-winner Cliff Downs, has all the signs of a career record. Ansel Brown will admit that many people around him have big hearts, but he'll be the first to remind you with a wink and a smile, Mine's Bigger!

Billy Block, Western Beat Entertainment, Nashville, TN


Ansel Brown is really tomorrows next big superstar. He's got the look, the amazing voice and just a great person all together. This song "Didn't We Shine' is definitely a future billboard hit. The best of luck to Ansel and what the road ahead brings to him.

Mitchell Keller, National Radio Personality The Back Porch Show


Get ready country music fans, a new young star is on the rise and his name is Ansel Brown. I like this guy and it appears he has it all, the talent, looks, drive and attitude.

Jim Weaver, Owner Country Stars Online


The amazing persona Ansel Brown exudes makes me feel like a star in his presence, he brings a new meaning to philanthropic endeavors. I've seen many singer/songwriters in my time but Ansel has his pulse beating to the soft drums in the community focusing on our youth of tomorrow. When you meet Ansel you'll feel a warm personable gentleman, he's just the perfect humanitarian.

Francene Marie Morris, Public Affairs Director - CBS RADIO


It is rare to find someone with your level of talent who still has both feet planted firmly on the ground. Your humility and humanity are refreshing. Words cannot describe how fortunate the NFL Alumni has been to have you associated with our event.

Roger Cullis, Youth Programs Director, NFL Alumni Carolinas


I must say that Ansel is refreshing and unique and was a breath of fresh air to receive into our studios.

Dawn Turner, Lonestar Country WITX Internet Country Radio


Ansel Brown is one of those unique people whom you meet very seldom in life. Gifted with a beautiful voice, a strong background, and a deep rooted commitment, he is the kind of guy who leaves a strong impression on whomever he meets without ever singing a note. If there is a definition of a real person, it is certainly Ansel Brown.

Shane Greene, WIXE 1190AM/Monroe, NC


Ansel Brown is that rare diamond you find once in a life time. He has unmatched passion, unbridled talent, and a truly amazing personality.

Keith Todd, WFMX 105.7FM/Charlotte, NC
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